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Pipes and parts

Complete kitting of the utilities of any complexity. Pipes from polymer materials, shaped couplings, stop valves, fittings, manholes.

Construction and rehabilitation

Company profile is building, reconstruction and reparation of the utilities of any complexity, using traditional, open-cut, and trenchless technologies.

Main kinds of activities:

  • Building, reconstruction and rehabilitation of the utilities:
    • water pipelines;
    • municipal and industrial sewer;
    • hot water supply pipelines and low temperature heat supply pipelines from polymer materials;
    • rain water disposal networks, drainage systems
  • pipe cleaning with high pressure water stream;
  • video inspection of the pipe condition from inside;
  • siting – location survey of the exist communications.

Engineer preparations of the territories – is one of the most important steps in modern mega polis development. Its level – is an assure indicator of the quality and comfort life of the civilized city. Having a big experience, new technologies, modern equipment, high-skill specialists, we are ready for realizing large scale building projects together with highest world quality standards, starting from project making to acceptance and use of the object by the customer.

Having chosen the way of progressive and active development our company opens new service directions, fixes and moderates its experience.

Condition of the utilities in Ukraine requires a huge work to be done for to change and rehabilitate them. Here we must remember not only about the comfort life of citizens but about their security first.

Our enterprise does building, reconstruction and repair water pipelines, sewer drainage systems, heat supply systems. We use polymer materials and represent leading pipe and parts manufactures (PE, PP, PVC, glass fiber materials) for water, gas, drainage, heat supply, sewer systems.

We propose traditional open cut, as well as trenchless method of construction and rehabilitation of the utilities. Trenchless method means minimum ground work during building in the city conditions, during crossing rail, auto ways, rivers, lakes and other important objects. Methods that we use give us an opportunity in the shortest terms to repair damaged pipe, and maximally prolong its service life.

We do also video diagnostics of the pipe. This gives for us and for the customer important information about the inside condition of the pipe. We can fine find and recognize place and level of the pipe deformation, alien objects, clogs, cause and character of the damage. After video inspection of the problematic section, we can say with confidence, what method of reparation can solve the problem. It can be local repair, different cleaning methods, also particle and complete replace of the problematic section. Video inspection defines exact place and character of clogging. System realizes fast, clean and economy search of possible places of damage.

Stop valves, polyethylene, sewer and water conduit wells, sewer manholes and gulleys, other pipe parts for water, gas, sewer conduits, always are in sight in the storehouse. Also we present for you local treatment facilities, fat and oil collectors.