Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk city, 41 Korotkaya Str., tel./fax.: +38 (056) 372-94-88, +38 (067) 560-84-81
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Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk city
41, Korotkaya Str.
Tel./fax: +38 (056) 372-94-88, +38 (056) 372-95-39
Mobile: +38 (067) 560-84-81
е-mail: infodneprremont@gmail.com - general issues
е-mail: pto@dneprremont.dp.ua - production issues

Road direction from Kharkov city
When you turn right under the viaduct, turn right again and go up to the third street, than move directly to the passageway.

Road direction from Novyi Bridge:

You have to move along Pravda Ave up to the Civil Registry Bureau of Industrialnyi District, than go between the blocks of flats, as the arrows show, to the passageway.