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Pipeline layout and water and sewage supply

Pipeline layout and water and sewage supply


  • Working out pipeline layout and making internal and external pipelines.
  • Pipeline layout and schemes of internal and external water supply and drainage systems (the type of pipeline material is not important) electric and communication cables, all this information can be received with the help of RD4000main search system produced by RADIODETECTION (USA).
  • On the basis of the data of pipeline search system and line measurements, the existing networks are located;
  • All measurements and conjunctions are indicated on the scheme.

Its meaning:

Visual control of waterpipes, when they are put into operation, is getting more important. The matter is that the construction sector is not developed enough, nevertheless the enterprises began comparing costs for construction works control and for new pipelines repairs, which appeared to be defected.

Pipeline layout and scheming in Ukraine

DneprRemont, Ltd has experience in using of new pipeline layout technologies. This service can be provided on the whole territory of Ukraine.