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Video diagnostics of pipelines and networks

DneprRemont, Ltd applies the advanced methods of pipelines control and video diagnostics. Our engineers use monitors and other up-to-date video equipment to inspect pipes and diagnose the inner walls of pipes. Such devices enable us to find out pipes choking, damages, and other defects.

Video diagnostics of pipelines and networks

Methods of control and video diagnostics of pipelines:

Video diagnostics is done with the help of video camera equipped with a lights source, which moves through the pipe and visualizes everything on the monitor. Video diagnostics enables us to check the condition of the inner walls and pipes joints, to detect cracks, leakages, detachments, deformation, and choking, in order to eliminate these problems with the help of local cut-and-cover or trenchless method


  • To inspect problematic segments of external and internal free-flow and pressure pipelines as well as to find the exact place of problem and to define the extent of the damage (d110 - d1500 mm);
  • To check if newly-built sewage lines correspond to the building regulations and to control the construction quality;
  • To locate lost wells or those covered with asphalt;
  • By means of video inspection, distance counter indications and line measurements the existing pipelines are located;
  • To provide the customer with inspection act, technical conclusion, recommendations and video materials;
  • There is a possibility to justify the expenses for the repairs, service and usage of pipelines and networks;

Video diagnostics of pipelines in Ukraine

DneprRemont, Ltd has experience in application of advanced technologies of pipelines video diagnostics. The given service can be provided on the whole territory of Ukraine.