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Cut-and-cover pipelines construction and fitting

Cut-and-cover pipelines construction and fitting

Traditional cut-and-cover pipeline construction

Underground engineering networks cut-and-cover construction is fulfilled in accordance with a project.

Ground work and foundation, during pipeline, water supply and sewage systems construction, are fulfilled by means of a power-operated way, and in accordance with the requirements of the building regulations 3.02.01-87.

Pipe-work is fulfilled in conformity with the work production plan and the process chart after trench size conformance test, sheeting, subgrading are done. Speaking about pipe-bridge method, supporting structures are also required.

Steel and reinforced concrete pipelines are protected from corrosion in accordance with a plan and the requirements of the building regulations 3.04.03-85 and 2.03.11-85.

After the acceptance of the pipelines constructed, including drawing up a covered-up work examination acts, pipeline burial is fulfilled, the soil is compacted.

Cut-and-cover pipelines construction and fittingCut-and-cover pipelines construction and fitting

Advantages of DneprRemont, Ltd

Apart from traditional cut-and-cover pipelines construction method, our enterprise offers trenchless way of construction and repairs of underground pipelines:

Combining cut-and-cover and trenchless methods, we achieve the following results of our work:

  • the shortest term
  • acceptable prices
  • the highest quality

Cut-and-cover pipelines construction and fitting in Ukraine

DneprRemont, Ltd has great experience in pipelaying by means of horizontal drilling on the whole territory of Ukraine. The experienced engineers and workers, modern equipment, its own pipes and component parts warehouse make it possible for DneprRemont, Ltd to offer a minimum price, and at the same it doesn’t produce any negative effect on the quality of the work done.