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Pipelines hydraulic cleaning

Pipes cleaning can cause problems. Everybody sooner or later will have to face it, but few people or organizations can solve it independently. Therefore, if you cannot cope with this problem by yourself, it is better to call for professionals, who will easily solve this problem.

The technology id applied to clean:

  • Wells
  • Pipelines
  • Municipal storm water sewage system from silt, soil, and other impurities, as well as to liquidate pipe choking.
  • Sedimentation tanks and treating facilities of industrial enterprises

As well as loading, transportation and discharge of liquid non-aggressive and non-explosive wastes.

Advantages of high pressure cleaning:

  • Effective elimination of any sediments and it doesn’t depend on their physical properties and chemical composition
  • Ecologically clean process: there is no dust, only clean water without any supplements is used.
  • Reduction of direct and indirect production costs.

Hydraulic cleaning of water supply and sewage systems in Ukraine

DneprRemont, Ltd offers its services in hydraulic cleaning of water supply and sewage systems on the whole territory of Ukraine.