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Information about our enterprice

About our enterprice

Having great experience, using new technologies and modern equipment, jointly with the work of highly-qualified specialists, we can fulfill any large-scale construction projects according to high world quality standards beginning from designing and finishing with putting an object into operation. Field of activity of DneprRemont, Ltd is external pipelines and networks. Our enterprise has been one of the leading operators on the construction market of Ukraine more than 7 years. Day-to-day practice and great experience enable our specialists to manage with all the tasks of any complexity.

Our specialists can provide service in the following fields:

  • Construction of external networks by means of horizontal drilling;
  • Construction and repairs of pressure water and sewage networks made of polymer materials, polyethylene pipes welding;
  • Change of pipelines and networks by means of renovation;
  • Repairs of old pipelines and networks by means of sanitation;
  • Video diagnostics of the inner walls of pipes;
  • Pipes cleaning by means of high pressure water;
  • Siting – finding the exact location of the existing distribution pipelines;
  • Complete set of component parts for construction of external networks of any complexity.

We offer a wide range of goods to our customers:

  • Polyethylene pressure pipes of the makes ПЭ 80 and ПЭ 100 for cold water supply, diameters from 20 to 1200 mm;
  • Pressure water piping and sewage system made of PVC, with diameters from 90 to 500 mm, produced by Кaczmarek (Poland);
  • Mechanical clamping fittings for mounting of polyethylene pressure water networks, produced by Unidelta (Italy);
  • Stop valves;
  • Polyethylene pipes for gas transportation in conformity with the State Standard of Ukraine Б 275 3Ы 380-30/302 from 20 мм to 400 mm;
  • Joint pieces for thermo-resistant welding of polyethylene pipes Georg Ficher (Switzerland);
  • External sewage system made of PVC and polypropylene, produced by Kaczmarek (Poland), diameters from 110 to 1000 mm;
  • Plastic wells;
  • Sewer manholes;
  • Sewer manholes, storm water sewers made of composite materials;
  • Drainage system К2-Dren Кaczmarek (Poland);

Judging by these objects you can see the result of our work:

  • Construction of Krivoy Rog – Sofievka water supply system Ø315 4000 m
  • Reconstruction of pressure sewerage Ø630 in Baykalskaya Str. 200 m
  • Construction of waste water sewage system in K. Marx Ave by means horizontal drilling Ø315
  • Construction of gas supply encasement in K. Marx Ave, Simferopolskaya Str., Gagarina Ave by means horizontal drilling steel Ø326
  • Construction of pressure sewerage system Ø 400 in Gusenko Str.– renovation method
  • Construction of 29 encasements with diameter from 630 to 225, of various communications by means horizontal drilling – Embankment reconstruction in Dnepropetrovsk city