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Trenchless pipelines construction

Compact planning, the existing engineering infrastructure, historical monuments, objects of cultural value make reconstruction and repairs of the worn-out pipelines and networks and construction of new underground pipelines one of the major problems for Ukrainian cities.

Advantages of trenchless pipelines construction:

  • Considerable reduction of costs (they are 2-3 times lower in comparison with the traditional construction methods);
  • It is less time consuming method;
  • The quantity of servicing personnel is reduced;
  • High safety level;
  • Ecological compatibility, the harm caused to the environment is minimal;
  • Pipelines are changed without destroying main body of the road and without causing damages to the beautification;
  • The work can be fulfilled in winter time;
  • The pipelines laid have a considerable increase in working life;
  • Portability.

The up-to-date trenchless technologies - horizontal drilling, sanitation, renovation, relining of pipes - enable the work to be done quickly, rapidly and on the high quality level. The technologies are profit-proved as well. You do not cause any inconveniences to the town dwellers, it is very important for the capital, as well as to other regional, cultural and industrial centers.

Trenchless construction in Ukraine

The value of tranchless pipes laying

DneprRemont, Ltd has great experience in pipe work on the whole territory of Ukraine. The experienced engineers and workers, modern equipment, its own pipes and component parts warehouse make it possible for DneprRemont, Ltd to offer a minimum price, and at the same it doesn’t produce any negative effect on the quality of the work done.