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Pipelines, sewerage system, heating mains sanitation

Sanitation and its meaning

One of the major tasks for public utilities enterprises of a modern city is to prevent underground water, gas and heat supply systems from obsolescence and premature collapse as well as to localize the consequences of the incidents. Emergency situations can be connected to obsolete and dilapidated pipelines and networks failure.

The practice of drain and water supply networks use shows that municipal utilities enterprises do not have a scientifically based long-term strategy of underground pipelines renovation. And the repair-and-renewal operations are based on the far from perfect full repairs planning, without taking into account the present-day state of the complex underground pipelining of the cities and quickly changing ecological situation (for example, underflooding).

The problems of prompt construction, repairs, renewal and upgrading of drain and water supply systems in a modern city are aggravated by a set of other factors: high density of underground and surface facilities, parallel and intersecting pipelines at various levels, saturation of soil with ground water and heavy traffic.

Sanitation methods:

  • Relighting - "double pipe"
  • Renovation - the old pipe is destroyed and at the same time a pipe of major diameter is pulled.

Methods comparison:

Relighting Renovation
Type of pipe New New
Diameter of pipe Diameter loss Equal or bigger
Life cycle 100 and more 100 and more
Training minimum minimum
Value of work low average
Influence on dwellers minimum minimum

Pipes sanitation in Ukraine

DneprRemont, Ltd has experience in pipelines sanitation on the whole territory of Ukraine. Experienced engineers and workers, up-to-date equipment and its own pipes and component parts warehouse enable us to offer the minimum price and this fact doesn’t influence on the quality of work.