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Sanitation method – relining (pipe in pipe)

As usual, first proposed method for pipe sanitation starts from relining. This method can be realized in short terms and for relatively low cost.

HDD technology gives an opportunity to realize relining (pulling in) of the new polymer pipeline into inside cavity of the existing pipe. Some decrease of the inside diameter of the existing pipe will be compensated by the better flow ability of the new pipe, because of the less friction ratio of the new pipe.

Before starting relining process, tele inspection of the pipe has to be done for to collect information about its condition, possible existence of the insuperable obstacles (wrong made side joint) presence of the foreign objects. After, pits are made, then hydraulic or mechanical cleaning of the collector (pipe).

Then our specialists find right diameter of the new pipe, which will fit, maximally, to the diameter of the existing pipe. Next, the guiding bars are mounted to the right pit and pulling of the pipe is started.

If the relining method does not satisfy the bypass ability of the existing pipe, then the bursting method is used (destroying of the old pipe with the simultaneous pulling of the new pipe, with bigger diameter.

Pipeline relining in Ukraine

Dneprremont Company has wide experience of the pipeline relining through all over Ukraine: Dnepropetrovsk, Kyiv, Charkiv, Odessa, Zaporiggja etc. Experienced engineers and field personnel, modern equipment and machines, own storehouse of the pipes and parts, make it possible to propose low price but high quality of work.