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Horizontal drilling in Ukraine

DneprRemont, Ltd constructs underground networks by means of horizontal drilling. Due to know-how and to the perfectly organized work teams, we can fulfill any pipe laying task on the high quality level. DneprRemont, Ltd carries out all work, beginning from the conclusion of contracts, providing survey work, making up estimates, and finishing with the supply of all necessary component parts to the installation place.

Horizontal drilling means underground trenchless constructions. The given method is 10-30% economically expedient in comparison with the traditional (cut-and-cover) method and it doesn’t cause any damages to the environment.

Types of engineering networks, where horizontal drilling applied

  • Gas supply systems construction
  • Oil pipeline construction
  • Sewage and water supply system construction
  • Construction of communication cable encasements
  • Data transfer cables for traffic control systems
  • House connections
  • Construction of encasements under the active landing strips, highways, rivers, railway stations, fen soils and high moisture soils and etc
  • Ranney-type well
  • Drainage system from the polluted area
  • Landslide protection
  • Drainage systems
  • Injection
  • reinforcement of dooms of tunnel
  • Consolidation of soil
  • Relighting

Advantages of horizontal drilling:

  • The term and the volume of technical and organizational work are reduced as there is no need to block the traffic of all land transport, to block roads and railways.
  • A considerable reduction of work fulfillment period due to the usage of modern drill rigs with a high penetration rate.
  • A considerable decrease of incidents rate, and as a result, long pipeline operation life is guaranteed.
  • External energy sources are not required due to the self-contained drill rigs.
  • We can overcome the obstacles on the pipeline route, and calculate the well trajectory within the natural bend limits of the drilling rods. There in no necessity to lower the ground-water surface in case it is high.

Process flowsheet of trenchless pipelaying

1. Drilling of a pilot well.

This stage of work requires the greatest responsibility. It is overcome by means of a break-ground tool – a boring head. The boring head is connected to a flexible actuating rod and this fact enables us to control the pilot well drilling process, as well as to avoid any obstacles of any direction, which can be found on the preparation stage. The boring head has a hole for special mud supply pumped into the well. This mud forms a suspension with the drilled rock. The special mud is an antifrictional material for the boring head and the rod, it prevents the well from landslides, cools the break-ground tool, breaks the rock, and cleans the well from the rock debris, moving them to the surface. Boring rod location control is carried out by means of a receiving device, which receives and processes the signals from the transmitter, built in the body of the boring rod. The monitor of the locator visualizes information about the location, bevel, and azimuth of the boring rod. The display of the operator’s drilling rig shows this information as well. These data are the most important ones for the control of the conformity of the drilling trajectory to the planned one. The final stage of the pilot well drilling is the boring head extraction from the preset point.

Horizontal drilling in Ukraine

2. Well enlargement.

Well enlargement is carried out when pilot drilling is finished. In this case we install a well sizer of the required diameter instead of the boring head. The well sizer is pulled through the well in the direction of the drilling rig, enlarging its diameter for pipelines laying.

3. Pipelines laying.

There is a pipeline string to be laid on the side opposite to the drilling rig. To the front end of the string we fix a cap with joint taking traction power and sizer. The drilling rig pulls pipe string in, in accordance with trajectory planned. This process is fulfilled with the surplus flow of mud, which is a lubricator and performs protective function of the pipeline from mechanical damages.

Horizontal drilling in Ukraine

Construction and fitting of pipelines by means of horizontal drilling in Ukraine

DneprRemont, Ltd has great experience in pipelaying by means of horizontal drilling on the whole territory of Ukraine. The experienced engineers and workers, modern equipment, its own pipes and component parts warehouse make it possible for DneprRemont, Ltd to offer a minimum price, and at the same it doesn’t produce any negative effect on the quality of the work done.