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Pumping equipment for dewatering and flows transmission

Pumps for dewatering

Pumping equipment for dewatering and flows transmission

With the PT piston pumps, BBA Pumps offers a unique range of double-action piston pumps that more than pay for themselves. The PT Economy© model is truly unique: the new DriveOn© engine concept developed in cooperation with Hatz Diesel substantially increases the service interval.

Among product line of the pumps for dewatering you can find pumps with diesel engine as well as pumps with electric engine. You can order your pump in “Silent pack” version or in open version.

Система клапанов

Lubrication and drive. A smart lubrication system and the gear technology in the pump's drive section reduce the noise level and improve performance.

Система клапанов

Practical valve system. The valve system is equipped with an O-ring seal and a solid bridge section for securing purposes. This allows for quick and easy disassembly, even after long running times.

Отсутствие коррозии

Corrosion free. The stainless steel studs and bronze cover nuts guarantee easy disassembly and a long life.


Standard stone catcher The stone catcher, installed as a standard feature, has practical cleaning covers. Depending on the version, the pump comes with a double vacuum meter.

крышка для удаления загрязнений

Practical cleaning cover. Dirt is removed from the cylinder area by simply lifting the cleaning cover. Changing the gland packing—usually a cumbersome task is child’s play.

прочные поршневые штоки

Very robust piston rods. The stainless-steel piston rods have been carefully grinded to guarantee maximum service life.

Прочные цилиндровые втулки

Durable cylinder bushes. The heavy stainlesssteel cylinder bushes are easily rotated by hand using a bayonet system. The sturdiness of the material and the ability to rotate the bushes triples their service life.

Удобные крышки

Handy covers. The aluminum covers on the carter side allow optimal heat transfer without condensation. During maintenance, the covers are easy to grip, lift, and move.



Ltd. "DneprRemont" has extensive experience in the use of pumps for dewatering, warranty and service. This service is provided on the entire territory of Ukraine.