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Polyethylene pipe ПE 80

Polyethylene gas pipes

Polyethylene pipes are used for burning gases supply (which are used as raw materials and industrial and domestic fuel) and are aimed at building and repairs of gas supply networks.

They are produced in conformity with the State Standard of Ukraine Б В.2.7-73-98 “Polyethylene pipes for burning gases supply”.

The pipes are made of ПЕ80 and ПЕ100 polyethylene with standard dimensional ratio SDR 17,6 and SDR 11, and nominal diameters from 20 to 400 mm. The colour of the pipes is black with yellow colour bands.

The pipes produced in straight segments (from 6 to 12m at customer’s request) are bundled.

The pipes with the diameter more than 110 m are manufactured in coils.

Advantages of polyethylene pipes for gas supply systems:

  • Their operation life is prolonged in comparison with metal pipes (warranty lifetime makes 50 years);
  • Cathode protection is not required; therefore they almost do not need any servicing;
  • Polyethylene pipes are 2-4 times lighter than the steel ones;
  • Polyethylene pipes are resistant to soil fluctuating loads;
  • Polyethylene pipes with the diameter from 20 to 110 mm are produced in coils from 50 to 500 mm;
  • Butt-seam welding of polyethylene pipes is much cheaper, simpler and takes less time;
  • Polyethylene seam does not require any additional expendable materials (insulation, electrodes);
  • Thermo-resistant couplings are permitted to be used, in this case the welding process is greatly simplified;
  • The training period for polyethylene pipes welders is significantly shorter, than for others;
  • Gas supply system can be constructed by means of horizontal drilling;
  • High flexibility and low inner surface roughness;

Sale of polyethylene pipes in Dnepropetrovsk

The prices for the products offered are distribution ones and can vary depending on the prices set by the manufacturing-works. The prices are not very high in comparison with those of the similar products, offered by other suppliers.

The products are available for sale in the warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk city.