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Mechanical clamping fittings

Mechanical clamping fittings (made of polypropylene) produced by Unidelta (Italy) and Jimten (Spain), are used with all types of polyethylene pipes and enable us to make branched water supply networks. The joints are fixed manually in field and have work pressure up to 1,6 mPa (16 atmospheres).

Mechanical clamping fittings made of polypropylene give us a possibility to mount external (underground) and internal water supply networks d20...110mm rapidly, and without any help provided by other single-functioned specialists. Polyethylene pipes are supplied in 100...300m coils. Therefore, 100m main laid into the ground consists of one piece. To transport 100m of polyethylene pipes d20...40mm, a motor car with a boot can be used, pipes with d50...110mm are transported in a "GAZel" with sides.

Fitting constructionMechanical clamping fittings

  • A tapered NUT is joined to the body, clamping the collet.
  • Toothed COLLET grips a polyethylene pipe, pulling it to the body.
  • A THRUST RING transmits the tightness of the nut to a sealing rubber ring.
  • A SEALING RING made of nitrile-oil-benzene rubber provides a reliable sealing for the external diameter of the pipe.
  • THE BODY has internal abuts, preventing the pipe from turning in the joint. The dimensions are indicated on the body.

The nut and the body are made of polypropylene, and collet and the sealing ring are made from polyphenyloxide.

Mounting instructions

1. Use standard pipes of manufacturing-works. The outside surface of the pipe is to be smooth and without marks and dints on the sealing ring. External diameter tolerance is to be 1% “plus deviation”.

2. Join them to the standard pipe threads. Old metal threads must be sized and the rough-edges must be eliminated.

3. The joints with the external thread should not be homed, one turn must be left.

4. While sealing threads ordinary methods are used: it can be done with the help of teflon tape, sealant or tow. You must pack internal plastic threads with tow with great care, putting less efforts than you usually do, dealing with metal ones.

Pay attention to how circular the pipe is. If the circle is more than 2% of the diameter, press the bigger circle axe of the pipe. Therefore, mount fittings on the straight sections of the pipe without any bents.

To mount it you do not have to possess any special knowledge or skills – the ordinary technical training and a specialists’ consultation 15 minutes long will be enough.

While mounting fittings you have to remember, though they provide the joints efficiency of 16 atmospheres, they are plastic ones and you do not need to apply a lot of strength to tighten them, especially when you seal the threads. The threads are turned to the fitting abuts. If you turn further, you can destroy them. (They can be broken).

Mounting of d20...50mm fittings is fulfilled manually, without usage of any special equipment. While mounting d63...110mm fittings a wrench is used to tighten the collet nut.

Sale of fittings in Dnepropetrovsk

The prices for the products offered are distribution ones and can vary depending on the prices set by the manufacturing-works. The prices are not very high in comparison with those of the similar products, offered by other suppliers.

The products are available for sale in the warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk city.