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Plastic polyethylene water pipes

Field of application and advantages

Plastic polyethylene water pipes are used for construction water supply systems, with industrial and drinking water running inside, having the temperature from 0 to 40°С, in conformity with the Construction Norms and Regulations 3.05.04-85 “External Water Supply and Sewage Systems”.

Advantages of the properties the polyethylene pipes have:

  • Their life cycle is prolonged in comparison with steel pipes (guarantee period makes 50 years);
  • They do not corrode, and any additional protection is not required, therefore they almost do not need servicing;
  • Low microbiological fouling;
  • They are ecologically clean and meet all sanitary norms. They do not produce any influence on the gustatory qualities and smell of water;
  • The polyethylene pipe capacity does not decrease with time (the inner wall is almost not covered with dirt);
  • Polyethylene pipes are highly reliable in case the overloads, as they have such properties as viscosity and expansibility at the same time;
  • They have good heat isolation properties;
  • The weight of polyethylene pipes is 2-4 times lower, and this fact greatly facilitates their transportation and mounting;
  • They are produced in sections, 12m each and in coils 400m long;
  • Butt-seam welding of polyethylene pipes is completely atomized. It is cheap, simple and does not require any additional expendable materials.

Sale of polyehtylene water pipes in dnepropetrovsk city

The prices for the products offered are distribution ones and can vary depending on the prices set by the manufacturing-works. The prices are not very high in comparison with those of the similar products, offered by other suppliers.

Pipes are produced according to Technical Conditions У В.2.7-25.2-32926466-002:2005 “Polyethylene pressure pipes”.

Polyethylene pressure pipes of ПE 80 и ПЕ 100 types, having standard dimensions ratio SDR 41 - SDR 6, nominal diameters from 20 to 1200 mm. Colour of the pipes is black with blue colour bands. The pipes, produced in straight segments (from 6 to 12 m according to the customer’s requirements) are bundled. Pipes, having diameter less than 110 mm are produced in coils of 100 to 200 m.

The permission of the Ministry of Health Protection of Ukraine for the pipes application for industrial and drinking water supply №5.03.02-03/1468 dated 22.03.2007.

The products are available for sale in the warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk city.