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External sywage system made of polypropylene К2-KAN

External double-layer polypropylene sewage system К2-Kan Kaczmarek (Poland). Pipes and shaped parts Ø160-1000

The system of structural pipes and shaped parts with double polypropylene walls for К2-Kan external sewage system.

Trying to find an optimal solution for construction free-flow sewage systems, laid into the ground, we considered up-to-date world tendencies in pipes production development from man-made materials. Having fulfilled a profound analysis of the ruling tendencies and Kaczmarek’s capacity, the enterprise approved the manufacturing of structural pipes and shaped parts made of polypropylene with double-walls, which correspond to high technical and use requirements. Thus, it was the starting point for products of the XXI century.

The К2-Kan system of pipes and shaped parts, judging by its service properties as well as by the ability it provides for fulfilment of installation and ground work, connected to the pipes laying, nowadays is the optimal sewage system. If one considers the characteristics of the system, he \ she will clearly see that sanitary, drain, combined or industrial sewerage systems, laid in the ground under heavy traffic highways or other territories, can be used 100 years as minimum. And the volume of such investment will be justified.

External sywage system made of polypropylene К2-KAN

Sale of external sewage system in Dnepropetrovsk

The prices for the products offered are distribution ones and can vary depending on the prices set by the manufacturing-works. The prices are not very high in comparison with those of the similar products, offered by other suppliers.

The products are available for sale in the warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk city.