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Korsis polyethylene underground sewage system

Korsis polyethylene underground sewage system

KORSIS is a new double-layer shaped pipe for storm water and free-flow sewage system

Polyethylene is resistant to sewage and hostile environment, and it is the main reason the pipes now produced of this material. However, for pipes used for free-flow sewage systems, one of the major parameters is corrugation rigidity, i.e. the ability to resist earth pressure and other external mechanical effects.

There is a necessity to increase the required wall thickness to provide sufficient characteristics of the pipe, during outer load computation, allowable for traditional polyethylene pipes.

KORSIS is a polyethylene double wall pipe, obtained by means co-extrusion, with corrugated surface outside and smooth surface inside.

Korsis polyethylene underground sewage system

  • De – external diameter
  • Di - internal diameter
  • e5 – wall thickness
  • L1 – profile width

Profile geometric shape of its wall provides high resistance to deformation. The pipe can be of two types, which have corrugation rigidity difference (4 kN/m2 and 8 kN/m2), this fact enables the pipe to be laid at different levels under the ground.


Korsis polyethylene underground sewage system

Table 1. Dimension types of KORSIS pipes of the grade 8 кН/м²

External diameter, mm internal diameter, mm Wall thickness mm, no less than Width, mm Weight of 1 m pipe, kg
Grade 4 kN/m2 Grade 8 kN/m2
160 138 1,2 6 1,5 2,1
200 176 1,4 8 1,8 2,5
250 216 1,7 14 2,9 3,7
315 271 1,9 16 4,6 5,7
400 343 2,3 20 7 8,7
500 427 2,8 23 12 13,2
630 535 3,3 30 17,7 20,3
800 678 4,1 37 24,5 33,1
1000 851 5 39 40,5 51,7
1200 1030 5 41 56 66,9


KORSIS meet the following requirements in full:

  • They are produced from polyethylene – polymer, possessing high impact resistance, even when the temperature is low, high chemical durability and abrasion resistance in comparison with other materials used in pipes manufacturing;
  • They have high corrugation rigidity, due to the optimal design as well as in the result special polyethylene grades application;
  • They are easy to mount: they are joined with the help of a pipe union and an O-ring (a rubber gasket) or by means of butt-welding. The rubber gasket in grooved inside a flute, and it enables to prevent its shifting during mounting. Due to its special profile a rubber gasket not only prevents the pipe from leaking, but blocks the flow of ground water inside the pipe;
  • They are universal due to the possibility of application of a wide range of fittings, wells. They can be joined to various existing types and materials of pipes;
  • They are easy to mount and transport due to their low weight;
  • The high flexibility of pipe helps us to overcome any obstacles without difficulties during pipeline laying;
  • Long lifetime cycle and low operating costs are peculiar to them;
  • They have a good price-quality ratio in comparison not only to traditional polyethylene pipes but to pipes made of other materials.

The peculiarities of KORSIS sewerage pipes mounting

KORSIS pipes are aimed at underground pipelaying to the depth up to 10m, but the minimum pipeline laying depth is to be not less than 1m. One also should remember the right choice of material for the refilling of trench is very important: its particle-size distribution is to be appropriate to refill the grooving, i.e. its particles size must not exceed the width of the profile (table 1).

Sale of external sewage system in Dnepropetrovsk

The prices for the products offered are distribution ones and can vary depending on the prices set by the manufacturing-works. The prices are not very high in comparison with those of the similar products, offered by other suppliers.

The products are available for sale in the warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk city.